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Motorcycle injury cases can be difficult and complex. Accident victims need the counsel of Palumbo & Kosofsky, New York motorcycle injury attorneys who have experience in representing motorcycle operators and passengers who were hurt in a motorcycle collision. Our experienced motorcycle accident attorneys in Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Westchester, Long Island and throughout New York State, have years of experience obtaining recoveries for injured motorcycle accident victims. If you or someone you know has suffered a personal injury in a motorcycle accident, contact Attorney Mark Kosofsky today toll free at 1-877-996-6849 today to schedule a consultation.

The Motorcyclist Must Prove Fault in a Motorcycle Accident

In order for a motorcycle accident victim to recover for their injuries, medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering, it is the motorcycle victim that must prove the other vehicle was at fault – i.e., caused the accident. In addition, the lawyer defending the negligent driver is going to blame the accident on the motorcyclist. They may cite environmental factors, such as road hazards, potholes, or oil slicks as the cause of the accident, not the negligent driver. They will blame the injuries on a motorcycles lack of “crashworthiness,” or the lack of the ability for a motorcycle to protect the rider from injury.  This is why persons who have been injured in a motorcycle accident need the outstanding legal representation of New York lawyer Michael J. Palumbo, Esq., to ensure that the appropriate party is held responsible.

You May Be Entitled To A Recovery Even If You Had A Single Vehicle Motorcycle Accident


Not all single vehicle motorcycle accidents are caused by driver negligence. It may have been caused by a road hazard, improperly designed road, striking a domestic animal such as a dog, or a products liability via defective motorcycle or motorcycle part. Palumbo & Kosofsky will investigate diligently to find the responsible party or parties involved in a single-vehicle motorcycle accident to obtain the proper compensation for the injured rider.

You Are Entitled To A Recovery In New York State If Struck By A Hit And Run Driver

The attorneys at Palumbo & Kosofsky can get you a recovery EVEN IF you were struck by a hit and run driver. We do this by making a claim against your insurance company. However, it is up to the insured / injured motorcyclist to prove that there was actual contact and that the accident was not caused by being run off the road without contact. This is called the “contact rule,” and insurance companies routinely fight claims alleging no contact. This requires a court hearing to prove contact that both attorneys Michael Palumbo & Mark Kosofsky are well versed in.

Palumbo & Kosofsky, Motorcycle Accident Attorneys, Can Help

Palumbo & Kosofsky provides outstanding legal representation for motorcycle accident victims. We are familiar with the body of personal injury laws, including liability laws, comparative negligence, New York motorcycle Vehicle & Traffic Laws (VTL), that determine a potential recovery. When a motorcycle accident victim is seriously injured, in cases such as a broken neck, spinal cord injury and trauma, head trauma, burns, eviscerations, traumatic amputations, brain injury and brain damage, and wrongful death, Mark Kosofsky and Michael Palumbo have the expertise necessary to obtain the appropriate recovery for your injuries and pain and suffering.

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