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Bronx Personal Injury Lawyers

You were hurt in an accident in the Bronx. You did not deserve it. You want the best Bronx accident and injury lawyer to ensure you are compensated for your injuries. You have come to the right place


Welcome to the Law Office of Office of Palumbo & Associates, PC. Our lawyers are dedicated to helping personal injury victims in the Bronx, New York recover what they deserve after they have been injured through no fault of their own. Our personal injury department is headed by attorney Mark Kosofsky, who has been representing Bronx auto accident, slip and fall, sidewalk accident, dog bite, construction accident, and other injury victims recover millions since 1989.

Why we are the best and what sets us apart from other Bronx Accident Law Firms

We can tell you what makes us the best and sets us apart from the other Bronx personal injury law firms in 3 words: Attorney Mark Kosofsky. In plain English, no Bronx auto accident injury lawyer or sidewalk accident lawyer hustles and cares about his clients like Mark Kosofsky does. Here are some of the few differences between Mark Kosofsky and other law firms:

  • Other law firms advertise “convenient office hours.” Mark Kosofsky does not require that you ever come to our office he will go to you at your convenience, even if you are in a hospital anytime 24 / 7.
  • Other law firms advertise that you can call their office and “speak to an intake specialist.” Mark Kosofsky gives out his cell phone number, 914-882-4040, so that you can call him directly at any time 24 / 7. Even his toll free number, 1-800-323-3266, hits his cell phone.Other law firms have a “staff that speaks Spanish.” Mark Kosofsky speaks fluent Spanish.
  • Other law firms claim to know how to get money from insurance companies. Mark Kosofsky doesn’t claim to know that – he knows it through experience in having worked on the other side.
  • Mark Kosofsky has been in the personal injury and insurance legal practice since 1989 - his entire career. He has dedicated his professional life to getting individuals compensated by insurance companies for their injuries, as well as medical facilities compensated for denied medical bills associated to auto accidents. There is simply no angle to a Bronx injury case that Mark Kosofsky has not seen.

In An Injury Case Money = Justice

Another thing that sets us apart from other Bronx law firms is that you will see that we don’t speak in terms of platitudes and theories. We speak in plain English. We know that after you have been injured in Bronx car accident, you don’t care about the “law of torts,” “negligence”, “contributory negligence,” “liability”, “joint and several liability”, and all of that minutia legalese most lawyers like to hit you with. All you want to know ‘do I have a case and how much am I going to get.’ That question is what we answer. Mark Kosofsky and his team evaluate and handle your case in terms of the dollars and cents that you are looking for, break it down for our clients in plain language, and are not ashamed to say that we are looking to recover money for our clients.

In addition, we put our money where our mouth is. Litigation is expensive. There are court costs, expert testimony fees, and other administrative fees. Not only does our law firm lay out these expenses for you, our fee is contingent upon you recovering money. In other words, we refuse to take a fee unless you recover money for your injuries.

Why we have to sue people to get you money

Many people are reluctant to go to a lawyer to recover for their injuries because they find it distasteful to sue somebody. Often times the person that hurt them is a friend, as in the case where you were a passenger in a vehicle and your friend may have caused the accident that resulted in your injuries. Many lawyers to not understand this sentiment. But we do.

We understand how a person could believe it to be distasteful to sue someone in court, and in fact we agree. We wish there were a better way to help people recoup money for their injury and loss. This is the only way. However, at Palumbo & Associates, PC, attorney Mark Kosofsky ensures that we only sue when we have to and acts in the best interests of his clients. In fact, Mark Kosofsky fully investigates each case to ensure it is a viable claim, and does not put cases into suit that are not meritorious. In all of the years Mark Kosofsky has been a lawyer, he has never been accused of filing a frivolous lawsuit, nor has he ever been disciplined.

Even though we have to file a lawsuit, it is not the individual that we go after but the insurance company that has the policy to pay you when you are injured by the person we sue. Lawsuits are required in many cases because the insurance companies will not take your case seriously unless you file a lawsuit. Sometimes you can even have an agreement with the insurance company but their policy is to only release the money if the case is in suit. Many times we have had to file a lawsuit just so the insurance company would pay our client, and then discontinue as soon as our client was paid.

We will not file a lawsuit unless we have to. Many people shy away from lawyers because they are afraid that the law firm will be too litigious with their case. Rest assured, we are not in the business of taking our eye off of the prize. Our goal it so get you money. In many cases that does not require putting the case into lawsuit, but working with the claim adjuster pre-suit and negotiating a fair settlement.  Unlike many attorneys, Mark Kosofsky is skilled in doing just that. This results in quicker settlements with less hassle. This means that you take less time off from work to deal with the case, and get paid much quicker.

Call Us Now!

Pick up the phone and give Mark a call now, either on his cell 914-882-4040, toll free, 1-800-323-3266, or on the office land line at 914-777-2990. The phone consultation is always free. Let us prove to you that we are different than every other Bronx personal injury law firm you will find. This difference equates into better customer service, a better, more convenient client experience, and a quicker recovery, putting money in your hands for your injury as soon as possible.

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Personal injury lawyers Michael Palumbo and Mark Kosofsky have almost 30 years combined experience to get you the money you need. You can call us toll free 24 hours a day / 7 days a week 1-800-323-3266 and you will always get an attorney on the line for a no cost, no obligation consultation. Job accident attorneys NY, Injured at work, Disabilty, Liability, Malpractice, work related accident, workmans comp, workmens compensation. Unlike many other law firms, our attorneys go to you, be it in a hospital, your office, or your home.


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