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Bronx Personal Injury Lawyers

If you slipped, tripped, fell and were injured in the Bronx you have found the right lawyers to make sure you get what is coming to you

The Bronx injury lawyers at Palumbo & Kosofsky have dedicated their law practice to ensuring Bronx accident victims who are injured through slipping, tripping, and falling are fully compensated for the injuries which are caused by the carelessness of others. Our Bronx Law Firm has represented persons injured by slipping and falling in sidewalk accidents, slip and falls from improperly shoveled sidewalks, stair accident, private property accidents such as stores (also known as “premises liability”), trips and falls in streets,  apartments, restaurants, supermarkets, and other similar places. Our Bronx slip and fall unit is manages personally by attorney Mark Kosofsky, who has been representing accident victims in the Bronx and ensuring fair recoveries of what is owed to them since 1989. Best of all, we take no fee unless you recover!

What we have to prove for you to recover in your Bronx slip and fall injury case

In an accident case the 2 main things which must be proven by you, the injured party, is liability and damages. Liability means that the property owner was responsible for the condition which cause you to fall, and damages are your injuries. Without both liability and damages you have no case. In addition, while there can be liability there can also be “contributory negligence.” What this means is that while the property owner may be responsible, you may be partially responsible as well. A finding of contributory negligence will decrease by that percentage of your responsibility your recovery.

It is not enough to show that a dangerous condition existed for liability. We must also prove that the property owner had notice of the condition. The notice can be actual notice, meaning that they knew of the condition, or constructive notice, meaning that a condition existed for such a period of time, or was so open and notorious, that the property owner should have known about the condition. A third way of proving notice is to prove that the property owner, or a 3rd party, caused and created the condition.

Difficult cases in which we proved notice

Trip and Fall on Stairs

Many lawyers jump on a slip and fall with serious injuries yet do not have a clue on how to prove notice. Our Bronx slip and fall law firm has proven notice in many difficult cases. In one case a client tripped and fell on a concrete subway stair that concrete on the edge of the stair tread had eroded, causing it to be inherently unsafe. The MTA told us that they did not have either actual or constructive knowledge of the defect, and in essence told us to “prove it.” So we did. We retained the services of an engineer who was an expert in concrete (yes, these people do actually exist). He inspected and studied the defect and concluded that if the defect were fresh the concrete in the chipped out portion would not be discolored but would be lighter than the tread. In this case, there was discoloration as well as debris in the void, and as a consequence the defect had to have been there for a number of years. As a consequence, constructive knowledge accrued to the MTA, and we were able to settle the case.

Slip and Fall in a Store

In a slip and fall in a pizzeria which caused our client serious injuries, it had been raining outside. There was water on the tiled floor that had been trackedin from other patrons, as well as blown in by the weather condition that caused our client to slip and fall. The pizzeria’s insurance company asserted that it was only trace amounts of water that the pizzeria could not have possibly detected and as such did not create notice. Our office hired an investigator and got the official weather report from the nearest National Weather Service station. What we uncovered was that it had been raining for hours and the rain had been driving northbound due to the whipping wind. This put the driving rain directly into the door of the pizzeria so every time the door opened rainwater poured in. Our investigator uncovered that to remediate the problem the store had put down runner mats to absorb the water to prevent the wet condition which caused our client to slip, however patrons before him were tripping on the mat so they took the mat up and, at the time of the accident the mat was rolled up in a corner. Taking away any claim of lack of notice, the insurance company settled the case to the tune of close to $300,000.00.

This is the professionalism and expertise you must demand when you are injured in a slip and fall case in the Bronx. You have one chance to pick the right lawyer for your trip fall injury case. Choose that lawyer carefully. When you go with our law firm you are not just getting years of experience, but years of competent, skilled experience.

Representing Bronx slip and fall victims is a responsibility we take seriously. The simple fact of the matter is that there is no Bronx auto accident injury lawyer like Mark Kosofsky and his firm. For example:

  • Mark Kosofsky goes to you at your convenience, anywhere you are, 24 / 7.
  • Mark Kosofsky gives out his cell phone number, 914-882-4040. You can call him directly at any time 24 / 7. Even his toll free number, 1-800-323-3266,hits his cell phone.
  • Mark Kosofsky personally speaks fluent Spanish.
  • Mark Kosofsky learned how to get money from the insurance companies the old fashioned way – by working for them.
  • Since 1989 – his entire career - Mark Kosofsky has been a Bronx slip and fall personal injury lawyer. He has dedicated his professional life to getting Bronx residents and auto accident individuals compensated by insurance companies for their injuries.

In An Injury Case Money = Justice

We make no bones about it – what you want is money. We know that. All you want to have answered is‘do I have a case and how much am I going to get?’ That is question is what we answer quickly and succinctly and without talking over your head.Mark Kosofsky and his team break it down for you in plain English and never talk over your head.

Litigation is expensive. There are court costs, expert testimony fees, fees for medical records,and other administrative fees. Not only does our law firm lay out these expenses for you, our attorney fee is contingent upon you recovering money. In other words, we refuse to take a fee unless you recover money for your injuries

Call Us Now!

Pick up the phone and give Mark a call now, either on his cell 914-882-4040, toll free, 1-800-323-3266, or on the office line at 914-777-2990. The phone consultation is always free. Let us prove to you that we are different than every other Bronx personal injury law firm you will find. This difference equates into better customer service, a better, more convenient client experience, and a quicker recovery, putting money in your hands for your injury as soon as possible.


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Personal injury lawyers Michael Palumbo and Mark Kosofsky have almost 30 years combined experience to get you the money you need. You can call us toll free 24 hours a day / 7 days a week 1-800-323-3266 and you will always get an attorney on the line for a no cost, no obligation consultation. Job accident attorneys NY, Injured at work, Disabilty, Liability, Malpractice, work related accident, workmans comp, workmens compensation. Unlike many other law firms, our attorneys go to you, be it in a hospital, your office, or your home.


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